New York City October 28, 2013

The car was packed and we were off. My friends and I were heading
to New York City via Poughkeepsie, New York. We would be
spending three nights in the city.

I was excited to see New York again. It had been seven years since
my last visit and I couldn’t wait to soak in all that vibrant and
exciting atmosphere that only New York City can give you.

We had three specific reasons for going to NY. We had
tickets to an exhibit, (more on that later) to see a television
taping of the David Letterman show to be aired that evening,
and to spend a day in Hoboken, New Jersey.

I just want to say I Love Road Trips. I have been on many and
have never had a bad one. I love the driving, the music blasting
specifically Frank Sinatra, who by the way, has never not gone on
one of my trips with me. You just have to have Frank’s music,
a little Motown thrown in there and it makes for a perfect
combination. Well maybe a bag or two of potato chips,
salt and vinegar will do just fine, after all we must keep up our


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