New York City October 31,2013

After breakfast we decided to walk over to Ground Zero. It
was a cloudy dreary morning and I guess the weather
matched our sad hearts seeing the spot where all those
innocent people were killed that awful day. You see it on
television but you just aren’t prepared for the overwhelming
feeling that captures your heart. Being there makes it
all to real and unimaginable that something this horrific
can happen on American soil.

The two huge fountains with all the names of those lost that
day was a beautiful tribute. We will never forget.

We then decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge which was a delight.
Looking back at the Manhattan Skyline amongst the clouds was an
impressive sight.

We then headed to the David Letterman Studio to see a taping
of his show to be aired that night. After 2 hours of waiting in
different lines, we entered the studio to take our seats. I
must say, I knew immediately all the waiting would be worth it.
Harrison Ford was the guest, which was an extra bonus. It was
very interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes to make a
show like this so successful.

I realized watching every move and action on stage that a
commercial break is not really 2 to 3 minutes long. They are
much longer. I guess I learned something that day. The
magic of television.

Later that night we ate dinner in Little Italy at Da Gennaro on
Mulberry Street. We had a table in the opened door wall of
the restaurant which enabled us to people watch as we ate
our dinner. I had Eggplant Parmesan with a glass of
Chianti wine. It was a perfect evening. We sat and lingered
a while just enjoying watching everyone walk by with their
Halloween Costumes, probably heading to the big parade
held every year celebrating this holiday in NY.

It was another perfect day in New York!


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