Poughkeepsie, New York October 29, 2013

We arrived in Poughkeepsie the next morning after spending the
night in Wilkes Barre, PA at the Holiday Inn Express.
We checked into another Holiday Inn and headed straight to
Hyde Park, NY, just a short distance away. We were going to tour
the Home and Library of Franklin D. Roosevelt. As we are
all interested in a bit of history, we took a guided tour of the
grounds and home of FDR and Eleanor which they shared with
his mother.

I had seen the movie, Hyde Park on Hudson, which depicted
part of his political life and personal life. That
alone, made me even more curious. It proved to be a
very interesting experience to learn about this President
whom we have so much to be thankful for. Another check
mark off my list.

Dinner was back in Poughkeepsie at the South Side Cafe, a small
restaurant in a shopping strip mall that the hotel had recommended.
We were not disappointed. The food was great. I had Chicken
Scampi, which was excellent. The cafe was styled in a 50’s and 60’s
decor with pictures on the walls of some of the greats from that
era, Lucy, Desi, The Four Seasons, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra,
just to name a few. Good food, good music, good friends and a road
trip, it doesn’t get better than that.



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