Bretton Woods, NH. July 2, 2013

We left Burlington at 9:30 am and drove the back roads towards
Bretton Woods, NH. The scenery was breathtaking. Being
from Michigan we are not accustomed to seeing mountains. I can’t
imagine living amongst them. Michigan is a beautiful state
but not like this.

Two hours later we arrived in Bretton Woods. We would be staying
at the beautiful Mt. Washington Hotel that had been recommended
to us. We would stay for two nights.

The hotel is set amongst the mountains of Mt. Washington. It was
stunning. I don’t think I was prepared for something like this. I
knew it would be nice but I did not expect this.

Was I really lucky enough to be staying here? Wow!!

Entering the lobby was just a little overwhelming. The grandeur of
this hotel was something out of a movie. I knew immediately that
I would not want to leave. Our room was lovely with a huge
bathroom and the view was an added bonus.

After settling in our room we started to explore the grounds and hotel.
This hotel is like a grand masterpiece of Spanish Renaissance
architecture in the New Hampshire Mountains.
It took two years to complete Joseph Stickney’s dream hotel that
opened in 1902 and in 1986 became a National Historic Landmark.

It is now owned by Omni and is on many awards and accolades lists.
The hotel has been host to many famous people including Thomas
Edison and three U.S. Presidents. In 1944 it hosted the now
famous International Monetary Conference. There were 44
delegates there from different Nations to establish the World Bank
International Monetary Fund, making the U.S. dollar the
backbone of International Exchange.

We wandered the hotel and grounds trying to soak in all this beauty.
Later that night we had a wonderful dinner at Stickney’s in the hotel.
We finished the day sitting on the huge veranda of the hotel with a
cocktail in hand and enjoying the mountain view and the stillness
of this wonderful evening. Was I really lucky enough to be staying




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