Burlington, Vermont July 1, 2013

After a good nights sleep and breakfast at the hotel, we were back
on the road at 8:30 am heading to Burlington, Vermont.

We crossed over to the US a couple of hours later on the Ogdensburg
Prescott Bridge Ferry heading towards Lake Placid on our way to

We had asked AAA to route us through some scenic roads on a good
portion of the trip. It was perfect. We were now driving through
the Adirondack Mountains heading towards Lake Placid. Although
it was a cloudy day, it was lovely. Neither of us had even been to
this area and thought it was beautiful.

We stopped in Lake Placid, jumped on a free tour shuttle bus that
took us all around the town, passing the Olympic Training Bldg.,
along with the Olympic Stadium. We then drove along the lake
surrounding the town. I had always wanted to see Lake Placid
and was not at all disappointed.

We were back on the road again heading towards Burlington,
a bustling college town located on the shoreline of Lake Champlain.

After arriving in Burlington two hours later we checked into a Hampton Inn. We then decided to take a walk through the town. We discovered a great area, Church Street Marketplace, a wide 4
block concourse that appears to be the social center with over
100 stores and restaurants.

We ended our walk of the city with a great dinner and a good
glass of wine and both agreeing it had been another great day.


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