Kingston, Ontario June 30, 2013

With our car packed, our coolers filled with food and water, we
were off. There was only one problem, we discovered the
license plate on our rental car was expired. Now when I say
expired I mean expired. Not a day, not a week, not even a month,
would you believe three months. We knew we couldn’t just ignore
this as we would begin our trip thru Canada and did not want a
problem at the border.

We called Hertz and because it was 8:30 on a Sunday morning, we
would have to drive to the airport to pick up another car. We
drove there and explained to Hertz the problem. Of course,
everyone was puzzled as to how this could have happened. I guess
the lesson learned is to always check the license plate when you
rent a car. Who would have thought!!

Within 45 minutes we were back on the road driving a beautiful
new 2013 Camry heading towards the border to Canada. Clearing
Customs, we were on our way to Kingston, Ontario where we would
spend our first night.

It was a beautiful day driving through Canada. We stopped along
the road for a picnic lunch in a park along the highway. Sandy
was in charge of the food and I must say she did a great job. We
would be gone two weeks and wanted to watch our budget while
eating sensibly. It was perfect.

We arrived in Kingston at 5:35 and checked into the Holiday Inn
Express and was upgraded to a suite. We then went into town and
had dinner at Milestones right in downtown Kingston.

Sitting there after dinner, drinking our wine, we decided that even
though our day started out with problems, that it had indeed been
a great first day on our Road Trip.


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