Acadia National Park July 6, 2013

It was another beautiful day, very hot in the 90’s, and we were on a
tour bus entering Acadia National Park. We did a 27 mile scenic
loop drive past some major must see sites with access to all.
We saw Sand Beach, a 1000ft vertical hiking trail for only the
very experienced hiker and Thunder Hole, where just before high
tide, the surf races into the naturally carved inlet and explodes
40 ft in the air with a thunderous roar. It is a fascinating sight
to see.

We then saw the famous Cadillac Mountain with a 1530 ft. elevation.
They say it is the perfect place to watch the sunrise.

The park also has 120 miles of historic hiking trails, biking trails,
and horseback riding trails.

The day was, I must say, perfect, it was hot but beautiful. Maine
is such a gorgeous state with its rugged coastline, light houses,
and wonderful seafood. It is one of my favorite states.

Dinner was in town at Testos with a great lobster roll and the best
blueberry pie I have ever had.

A final evening walk of the town and both agreeing this was another
perfect day.


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