Freeport, Maine July 4, 2013

We were checked out of the hotel and back on the road by 9:00 am.
We would be sleeping in Freeport, ME tonight driving through many
towns on our way. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, the
music blasting, good conversation, it was another good day.

We were on US 10, entering the city of Sanford, when we came to
a halt. Because it was July 4th, they were preparing for their annual
parade and the highway was blocked. We thought about hanging
out and watching the parade but decided to try to continue on.
We noticed a policeman sitting in his car so we drove over to him
and explained we were trying to get to Freeport and how could we
pass the parade before it started. After a little conversation, he said
“follow me ladies” and officer Patrick Flood escorted us out of the
downtown area. We waved goodbye and laughed saying only we
would get a police escort out-of-town.

Back on the road and passing through the little towns all having the
festivities celebrating the 4th, it was a real delight.

One of the towns we stopped at was Ogunquit, ME. A beautiful
resort town with a motto of “beautiful place by the sea” with
more than three miles of white sand beaches. Yes it was!!

We arrived in Freeport and immediately checked into the Holiday
Inn Express and went into town for a bit of shopping.
This city is a shopping Mecca with many outlet stores (good ones)
and the home of LL Bean. After shopping, we had a great seafood
dinner at Azures.

Another great day!!


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