Mt. Washington July 3, 2013

After a great breakfast we decided to take a Cog Train ride up to the
Summit of Mt. Washington.

The Cog Train was the first mountain climbing railway in the world
and took its first excursion up the mountain in 1869. It is still
in operation today.

We boarded the train and were on our way up the western side of
the mountain which followed a ridge for 3 miles to the summit of
Mt. Washington with a grade of more than 37%. We were at an
angle chugging up the mountain, but what a fascinating experience
it was. Although is wasn’t a very clear morning, we were still able to
see the surrounding mountains around us.

We arrived at the summit at an elevation of 6,288 ft. We were
dropped off there and spent a good hour going thru the museum
showing the history of the mountain range. There were many hikers
at the top and I thought of my son who has just recently taken up
hiking the mountains and trails and knew he would have loved this.

Coming down was even more spectacular. The sun was out, the
clouds disappeared and we could see, so clearly, the mountains
that were all around us. The beauty of it all!!

We returned to the hotel and decided to take a tour of the grounds
and hotel. It was very informative and enabled us to see rooms and
areas we would have not otherwise been able to see.

After a great dinner at the Bretton Arms Inn on the grounds of the
hotel we had a cocktail on the veranda and watched the sunset over
the mountains. It was beautiful!

What a great two days this has been. We were able to relax in this
wonderful and peaceful setting. I would highly recommend this
hotel. Treat yourself to this spectacular experience!!


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