Newport, Rhode Island July 10, 2013

We left Salem at 9:05 and arrived in Newport around noon.
We immediately went to the tourist office and booked a city tour
along with a tour of the Vanderbilt Mansion.

Newport is a seaside city that is home to many of the great Mansions
owned by the wealthy. There is also a famous Cliff Walk that you
can walk along the shore looking at the Mansions and coast line.
Dwight D Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy both had summer
homes here.

The National Historical Society preserves these wonderful Estates
along with landmarks throughout the city.

We toured The Breakers, a grand Mansion, owned by Cornelius
Vanderbilt II and their seven children. Although it was opulent,
it was used as a summer home for the family. It is a grand 70 room
Italian Renaissance style mansion. The Preservation Society opened
the home in 1972 making it a National Historic Landmark.

We stayed that night at a Holiday Inn Express and tomorrow
we would be making our way back home.

It has been a wonderful vacation. We have had so many high
points on this trip that it would be hard to choose one. I
guess if I really had to I would choose our two days at Bretton
Wood, NH at the Mt Washington Resort.

Now on our way home, I am already thinking about my next trip.



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