A Day in Pittsburg Sept 21, 2013

We were up early, had breakfast, and walked two blocks to
the Andy Warhol Museum. It is the largest museum in the
country, dedicated to a single artist. The museum holds an
extensive permanent collection of art and archives from this
Pittsburg born, pop art icon, Andy Warhol.

Born in 1928, in Pittsburg, he showed his artistic talent by
9 years old. He took free art lessons from The Carnegie Art
School and completed his college years at The Carnegie
Institute of Technology. He received a Bachelor of Arts
degree in Pictorial Design. After college, he moved to
New York City and was working as an Illustrator. In the
late 1950’s he began Pop Paintings, and the rest is history.

Throughout the years, he was commissioned to paint many
Celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and
Elizabeth Taylor, just to name a few. Whether you like his
paintings or not, you can see his art almost everywhere.
It was an extensive 8 floors of exhibits with a media room
that was quite impressive.

After spending several hours in this museum, we were now
headed to the Carnegie Museum of Art, a couple of miles away.
This museum was also quite extensive with a collection of
more than 35,000 objects. We knew our time would be limited,
so we concentrated on the galleries we were most interested in.
We headed first to the Impressionist Paintings. As luck would
have it, they were setting up for a special exhibit and a lot
of the paintings were off the wall, some sitting on the floor
with the area roped off. We saw as much as we could, but
were disappointed we could not view the entire collection.
We then went to the Contemporary Art Gallery. I am not a big
fan of a lot of Contemporary Art, but will say, it was very

After spending several hours in this museum, we grabbed a
quick-lunch and was back on the road leaving Pittsburg.

I really enjoyed this city in the short time I was here and
decided I would need to come back. It’s an easy drive from
the Detroit area and would be perfect for a weekend trip.

We drove to Dover, Ohio and stopped at a Comfort Inn for the
night. Another great day!!


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