Berlin, Ohio Sept 22, 2013

We were up early and back on the road by 9:30 a.m. anxious to
get to Amish country. We eventually made our way to Hwy. 39
which would take us directly to Berlin, Ohio.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining brightly and not
a cloud in the sky. We really had no specific plans today,
except to just make this a laid back day, stopping in a few
towns here and there.

Within 40 minutes we were in Berlin. It’s a small attractive
country town with shops, markets, antiques, quilt stores,
bakeries, cheese shops, and flea markets. We parked our car
and began walking the town going in and out of the many stores.

I have been to many Amish towns in the past, but this was
certainly the most unique. The population of Amish in Ohio
is the largest in the world. A lot of them were working in
the stores, doing their marketing, or just enjoying the day
chatting with their neighbors and friends. It was pretty
amazing to see the parking lots full of horse drawn carriages
amongst the cars.
We grabbed a quick-lunch and headed out-of-town, back on Hwy.

Now being from Michigan, I have been to Ohio countless times,
but never to the Northeast area and was amazed at how beautiful
it was. The rolling hills, the meticulously kept farms, the
occasional horse-drawn carriage along the way, makes this seem
like you have stepped back in time. I was trying to drink in
the scenery, enjoying the relaxing pace, and beauty.
I cannot say enough about the loveliness of this area of Ohio
in Holmes County. Was this a well-kept secret that no one ever
told me?

We stopped at a working farm, Yoders Amish Home, it’s a 116
acre farm opened to the public in 1983. It has conducted tours
of two Amish homes and a working barn with animals.

Driving down this scenic highway, my thoughts went to this
amazing day in Amish country. Not only for the beauty of this
area, but where old fashion living, hard work, and honesty
are a way of life for these people. It’s more than a simple
destination, it’s a getaway you absolutely must experience.

We made our way to Perrysburg, Ohio to spend the night at a
Holiday Inn Express.




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