Fallingwater Sept 19, 2013

We were up early, had breakfast, and on the road by 9:00 a.m..
After a short time on the turnpike, we were now heading on
Hwy. 381 towards Mill Run, Pa., to tour the famous
Fallingwater House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, summer
retreat of Edgar Kaufmann, a successful businessman and
President of Kaufmann Department Store in Pittsburg.

After driving through some small towns along the highway,
we arrived at the entrance of the property. We purchased
our tickets for the tour and made our way through a forest
like area that led us to Fallingwater.

Looking closely at the house, it doesn’t appear to be on
solid ground, but instead stretches over a 30 ft waterfall
nestled in the lush wooded Bear Run Nature Reserve. It is
decorated, very uniquely, with a lot of contemporary
Japanese influence and architecture. The house was started in
1935 and finished in 1939, with an addition built on.
It is a very interesting house with numerous terraces, and
unexpected views of the trees and water, as you move through
the house. It’s uniqueness,certainly sets it apart from
anything we have ever seen.

This is the only Frank Lloyd Wright house that is opened
to the public. It was hailed by Time Magazine as “most
beautiful job” and on Smithsonian’s list of 28 Places to
See Before You Die. In 1966, it was designated a National
Historic Landmark. It is a fascinating house to tour.

After a good two hours of touring the house and vast grounds,
We were ready to get back on the road. We would drive 43
miles to Pittsburg for the night.


One thought on “Fallingwater Sept 19, 2013

  1. Very nice and impressive Nancy. Makes me want to travel. I Forgot how beautiful Mac. Island is. Very nicely done.

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