Road Trip September 18, 2013

It was time for another road trip. This particular trip would be
a short one to Pittsburg, Pa and the Amish city of Berlin, Ohio.
We would only be gone four nights, so we knew we had to cram
a lot in a short period of time.

We had three specific reasons for this trip. We wanted to see
Fallingwater, a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Mill Run, Pa., a couple
of museums in Pittsburg, and visit an Amish town in Berlin, Ohio.

With a small suitcase packed and some good munchies, we loaded
our Frank Sinatra and Motown music in the CD player, and we were

Because we were limited on time, the turnpike was our choice of
highway. Turnpike driving in one sense is great, good roads, lots
of rest stops and plenty of exits for convenience. The not so good,
is the choice of eateries. Mostly fast food, with a decent one thrown
in here and there.

It seems whenever we are on the road, the conversation always turns
to our past travels from years back. We rack our brains trying to
remember what year we went here and what year we went there.
example: “Ok, what year did we go to California” or “What year did
you go on the Baltic Sea cruise”. It’s almost like a game with us,
and because my travel files, of course, are not with me, this can
prove to be challenging at times. Of course, it has Nothing to do
with age and memory. Haha!! But it’s fun

We drove to Donegal, Pa and spent our first night at a Holiday Inn


2 thoughts on “Road Trip September 18, 2013

  1. Really enjoyed reading about your trips.  It’s like I’ve been there thru your eyes.  Thank you!!  XXOO

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