Perrysburg, Ohio. Sept 23, 2013

After breakfast, we went into downtown Perrysburg,
an attractive historic town set right on the Maumee
River. The Main Street of town is approximately
three blocks of shops and restaurants leading
directly to a small park, Hood Park, ending at
the Maumee River on Front Street. The park sits
right on the River, with a dock and benches to
sit and admire the view.

Walking through this park was made comfortable by the
paved walking path for joggers and walkers. We walked
around enjoying this beautiful morning, admiring the
flowers and Statue of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry,
who cleared the British from Lake Erie.

We then walked along Front Street, going in and out
of some very nice shops. The downtown area also has
many Historical Homes with beautiful architecture.

We later went to an outdoor mall area, Levi Commons,
on the edge of town. This was a great shopping
destination with plenty of stores, restaurants, and
even a hotel.

Perrysburg is a lovely town that I have been back to a few
times and have always enjoyed my time here.

This has been a short, but great trip. We saw everything
on our list for this trip and I came away with the thought,
Ok, I need to get back to Pittsburg again and wouldn’t Berlin
be spectacular at Christmas time.


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