Finding the Perfect Piece of Luggage May 27, 2014

If you knew me well, you would know, I am obsessed with
luggage. Always trying to find just the right one.
Sort of like us women trying to find the perfect pair of
jeans or the perfect purse. Sometimes you are
successful and sometimes not.

I can be anywhere, a Department Store or small Boutique,
watching HSN or QVC, the internet, airport, or even
a hospital gift shop, if they sell luggage, I’m right
there looking. Will this be it, will this finally be
the perfect piece of luggage?

Do I want 2 wheels or 4 wheels, spin or not spin, hard
or soft? How about the size, 20 inch or 25 inch?
Then there is the matter of the inside of the luggage.
Do I want drawers that slide out like a commode, (yes
I have one of those) or do I want two separate
compartments in the lid or one full size zippered
compartment, the entire size of the inner lid, that
way I could put several tops, a lightweight sweater
and even a nightgown or two?.

I guess this all started in 1993, when I went with a
friend to Europe for three weeks. We would be
traveling by train to different countries and I needed
a new piece of luggage. I bought a 28 inch rolling
suitcase that cost over $300.00, which was a lot in
those days. I didn’t know better than, so I didn’t
think much of the fact that it was pretty heavy
empty, let alone filled with clothes.

In those days, packing for three weeks for me, was
what I thought, pretty simple. I would pack
at least 12 complete outfits, maybe wearing them each
twice, with a few extra thrown in. Let’s not forget
about the shoes, but I won’t even go there. Needless
to say, by the time we arrived to our first hotel
in Amsterdam, I knew I would not be leaving this
Country with this luggage. There would be no way
I could lift it on or off a train for the three weeks,
not to mention up and down hotel stairs.

I went into a department store in Amsterdam and
bought a lightweight rolling duffel bag. I spent
the rest of the evening going through my clothes,
making choices, what would I take and what would I
leave behind. In the end, I left behind not only
the luggage, but several outfits and tons of
toiletries, trying to make it manageable. I am
sure the maid was shocked and thrilled when she
cleaned the room the next day. Jackpot. I would
continue to leave clothes behind in almost every
country, trying to continue to lighten the load.
By the time I would return home from the trip, I
would have left over half my clothes and shoes in
Europe. I could almost picture my cute little outfits
walking the canals of Amsterdam, crossing over the
little bridges of Venice, or maybe even walking
along the River Seine in Paris.

This was a lesson well learned and an experience I will
never forget. Now don’t get me wrong, I have on
occasion overpacked a time or two since, but being
older and wiser these days, I packed differently.
I’ve learned it’s not a fashion show, it’s a vacation.

That experience in the 90’s was probably the start of my
obsession with trying to find the perfect piece of
luggage. Throughout the years, my quest for this has
always continued and because of that, I have collected
many pieces of different types of luggage. Let’s just
say, I will probably never use them all.

These days, I’ve narrowed this all down to a 21 inch spinner,
lightweight with a full zippered compartment in the lid.
I realize now, maybe it’s not really finding the perfect
piece of luggage, maybe, just maybe, it’s my packing skills.


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