Chesaning, Michigan May 31,2014

I love the State of Michigan. Being born and raised
here, I have never wanted to live anywhere else. Yes,
I would love to see mountains everyday, maybe wake up
to the sights and sounds of the sea surrounding me, but
when I travel, I do love to eventually come back to Michigan,
where my heart is.
In saying this, I would love to share with you some of
my favorite places to visit in Michigan.

So on Saturday, May 31st, my friend and I decided to take
a short little road trip for the day to Chesaning, Mi.,
a small little town in Saginaw County, about an hour and a
half away, a mere 99 miles from the Detroit area.
It is a small village like atmosphere, with some boutique
stores, placed in a handful of Historical Homes on the
Main Street of town. Through the years, I have been there
several times, but my last visit was at least 8 years ago.
I had always wanted to return and today was the perfect

I remembered a great Bed and Breakfast, The Bonniemill Inn
Hotel, a charming quaint like atmosphere, with adorable
rooms to sleep and a restaurant. I had always said, I would
stay here for a night, and would make a reservation today,
for another time.
Also, there is a great restaurant in one of the Historical
Homes, I can’t remember the name, but it was a big white
house, that was just charming inside, with great food. I
think we will lunch there today.

Chesaning is also on the Shiawassee River and every July,
for one week, they have the famous Showboat Music Festival.
It would host many singing entertainers including, Sandi
Patty, Lone Star, Bret Michaels, Alabama, and many more.
Each night the Shiawassee Queen River Boat would float down
the River, rounding the bend, with the entertainers on board,
singing and playing their music, making their grand entrance
with thousands of people on shore. They would then dock at
at the outdoor theatre for the evening performance.

Imagine my surprise as we entered town, first approaching
The Bonniemill Inn. Closed for Business. I was stunned,
was it true, was this adorable Hotel closed and because I
procrastinated, I would never get to stay here.

Ok, after that shock, we drove through town, when suddenly
I realized I was now on the approach out of town. Did I
miss something. I turned the car around and drove back
down the Main Street of town, only to realize the Historical
Homes that held the Boutiques were also closed for business.
They were still standing, but completely empty, no more
cute little stores with unique items to be sold. Yes, there
was still a gas station, a hardware store, a neighborhood
restaurant, a Burger King, a Library, all the necessities
a small town would have. Even the charming restaurant,in
the big white Historical Home, was no longer opened.

We then drove to the river and the Shiawassee River Queen
Boat stood dry docked with a closed sign on it. No
longer opened for business. We just sat there amazed,
that this little village, that had once entertained so
many thousands of people for so many years, was no longer.

Was it the economy, was it the lack of interest, or was it
just a sign of the times, that places like this sometimes
just go away.
Is it better to find a wonderful delightful place and just
cherish the memories or to return and be disappointed that
it is either gone or just not the same. I wonder.

“No man ever steps in the same River twice, for it’s not the
same River and he’s not the same man”. Heraclitus

P.S. Now in saying all this, this is only one place,on my
list of favorite Michigan places, that I would be disappointed.
There are countless others to be enjoyed.


2 thoughts on “Chesaning, Michigan May 31,2014

  1. I like the quote and agree that it’s a gamble going back anywhere that seems unique. Years ago I ate at a restaurant in Quebec and had an excellent meal, but also decided never to return. I was afraid it wouldn’t be the same. It might seem silly but I didn’t want the memory to be ruined.

  2. Something to think about. Is it better to remember it as it was, once upon a time, or take the chance and go again and be disappointed?

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