The Colors of Burano, Italy

Burano is a picturesque island in the Venetian Lagoon, about a half
hour Vaporetto ride from Venice. With it’s brightly colored painted
houses and pretty canals, it is a photographers paradise. It is much
quieter than Venice and has a way of taking you into another world
of color, beauty, and sereneness.

Many international magazines include Burano among the top 10
Most Colorful Places in the World. Although, many
think it should be the number 1 Most Colorful Places in the
I totally agree. Walking around this island, you
cannot help feeling intrigued by the many colors of houses that are
reflected into the green waters surrounding you. It is said, according
to an ancient legend, that the Fisherman painted their houses to see
them from long distances when they were far away fishing.

Walking the back streets of Burano gives you insight on how one lives
in this small colorful island of about 2,800 people. Each house has its
own personality and color assigned by an official of Burano. To change
a color, one must submit a request and according to strict rules, only
certain colors are permitted. I love walking these streets and seeing
ones laundry hanging outside the houses to dry in the beautiful sunshine.
What is it about being in these beautiful European cities or towns and
thinking, how wonderful it would be to be able to go back to the old days
and do as our mothers did before electric dryers and hang our laundry
outdoors. Would I do it, no, I know I wouldn’t, but being here, life is
different and it can become contagious.

The typical Burano houses are mainly square-shaped and are divided
into two or three floors. At street level is the kitchen, breakfast nook
and toilet. The next floors are the bedrooms.

The lovely colorful Window Sills of Burano.

As we walked the little streets and over bridges, we came upon Galuppi
Square. Here is where the town will meet, where neighborly ladies,
invite the most curious visitors to come into their shops to admire their
lace making. It is quite interesting to see these women doing such
intricate hand work on the beautiful lace table clothes, dresses, and
shawls, amongst many other beautiful pieces.


Galuppi Square is a place to refresh yourself with many “trattoria buranella”
where you can eat very fresh and good fish. We chose Trattoria
Da Romano for our lunch. We all ordered something different from
fish soup, the catch of the day, and seafood pasta, all with a great salad
and a glass of wine. Of course there would always be room for dessert.

It would be time now to leave this enchanting island of Burano and head
back to Venice, where we would spend our last night. I cannot tell you
enough how much we enjoyed this day. Anyone, going to Venice must
take some time and visit Burano, not on a tour, but on your own.
You need to linger its streets and bridges and bask in its beauty.
Maybe next time I will stay on the island for a night or two. There are
no big hotels but a few smaller ones that would be just fine.
But now it’s back to Venice and the Hotel Metropole, where my last
Bellini is waiting for me. Arrivederci Burano, till we meet again.



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