My 10 Top Places to See on My Bucket List

When did this obsession of a Bucket List come about?
Sure most of us have always had a mental or written list of things we
wanted to do, places we wanted to go, or accomplishments we wanted to
achieve before we left this earth, but it became a phenomena when the
movie, The Bucket List, came out in January of 2008 with Jack Nicholson
and Morgan Freeman. This movie would change all our conversations.
It would now be, “Do you have a Bucket List?” or “So what’s on your
Bucket List?” There would be people who would look strangely at you,
not knowing what you were talking about. Then there would be people
like me, that immediately started a list and I haven’t stopped since.

I thought I would share with you a few things that are on my ever growing
Bucket List. Not in any particular order.

1. Prague – Eastern Europe
I really want to visit Prague, along with Eastern Europe. I want to
spend at least a good four to five days there, thoroughly exploring
this glorious city, then travel through the rest of Eastern Europe.


2. See Greece Again
I went on a Mediterranean Cruise in 2008 and stopped for maybe 6 or
7 hours in Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos. It has always been my
dream to see Greece and I absolutely fell in love with it, but it certainly
wasn’t enough time on the Islands. I want to go back and spend 4 or
5 days on each island to thoroughly enjoy and soak in its beauty. Why
I have never done that in all these years, I really don’t know. Now it
is very-very high on the list.


3. Ireland
I have always wanted to see Ireland. I want to start in Dublin and work
my way around the country. I want to stop in Cork, Waterford, Wicklow,
Killarney and continue up to Northern Ireland. I have decided I will
take a 2 week tour next year.


4. China
I have always wanted to see China and The Great Wall. Beijing would
be so beautiful to see, The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple
of Heaven, The Summer Palace, and so much more. To be able to
experience the culture would be so fascinating.


5. Portofino, Italy
First of all, the name alone is so intriguing, Portofino. It sounds so
romantic and lovely. I recently saw a concert with Andrea Bocelli and
David Foster in Portofino, and between the wonderful music and the
setting, that beautiful place is now high on my list,


6. MT. Rushmore, the Badlands, and Crazy Horse, SD.
Very high on my list. I have wanted to see Mt. Rushmore for years and
never have taken the time to go. So the plan is, I am going with friends
in early June next year.


7. The Lavender and Sunflower Fields of France
This one is a BIG dream of mine. I want to stand along the lavender
fields and just take in the beautiful aroma surrounding me. I want to walk
through the sunflower fields and just admire the beauty of this intriguing
flower. To gently touch its petals and know that this is what beauty and
dreams are about. I almost feel this would be a sacred experience for
me. Not sure why, but I need to find out soon.



8. Austria
I have always loved the movie, The Sound of Music, who hasn’t. I want
to see Salzburg and the surrounding area with its fairytale buildings and


9. Take a Train through the Canadian Rockies
I want to take a train to the Canadian Rockies and see Banff National
Park and Lake Louise. There is the beautiful Fairmont Chateau In Lake
Louise on the lakes shore facing the most gorgeous view of the mountains
and lake. Wouldn’t it be perfect to stay a few nights in this hotel with
a killing view. Also, perhaps stay in Whistler a few days. Canada is
a great place to vacation.


10. The American Southwest
I have only been to a handful of Western States, so I would like to
perhaps do a road trip to New Mexico then work my way up to see
Utah, Montana, more of Colorado, see Monument Valley and just take
in all the sights of that part of the United States. I want to go to Wyoming
and see the National Parks of that entire area.


These were just 10 things on my Bucket List. I don’t know if I will ever
get it all done or see all the places I want to see, but I will always have that
hope, desire and determination. Sometimes life gets in the way and
you have to change course occasionally, but keep the dream and good
things will happen.

As Stephen King said; “You can, You should, and if your brave
enough to start, You will”.


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