The First City In The First State

It would be the end of my trip to Delaware where I would make one
last stop before heading home. Lewes is a small historical city with a
population of 2,747 per the 2010 census. What arose my curiosity
was something I had read along the way to describe this picturesque
town, “The First City In The First State.” Enjoying history as I do, I needed to make a stop in this city.

Lewes, Delaware is situated where the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean
meet at Cape Henlopen.

Lewes’s historical district is a delight to walk. Being 1/2 sq. mile, it has
a beautiful waterfront, museums, Inns, Bed and Breakfasts, fine restaurants,
and a variety of fine shops.



Cannonball House was built in 1765. It is the last remaining Lewes House
bearing a scar when a cannonball hit this house in 1813. It has been
restored and is now the Lewes Historical Society.

Saint Peters Church, The First Church in The First Town in The First State.
The Church was established in 1681. This is the third building on this
spot representing St Peters. This building was constructed in 1854.

In addition to the churchyard, Saint Peters owns the oldest cemetery in
the state of Delaware.


Among Saint Peters interesting historical possessions are the communion
table used in the original church in 1724, a prayer book showing the changes made after the War of Independence, and a silver communion
service given by John Penn, grandson of William Penn, on June 10, 1773.

I have not been so impressed by stained glass windows in a long time,
but just look at how beautiful these are. They were absolutely stunning.




After walking the town and waterfront, we had lunch at a small restaurant
on Main Street, Blue Sea Cafe. We had a great lunch and so enjoyed
the ambience of this bright blue, purple and orange decor.

It was time to get back on the road and head for home. Delaware is
such a beautiful state and has so much to offer, from the beautiful
mansions, museums, beaches, and rich history of this state, it is surely
a perfect place to visit. I would love to return one day, perhaps at
Christmas time. I could only imagine how beautiful it would all be.


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