Les Baux-De-Provence – Mas De L’Oulivie

I have been lucky enough to have traveled to some pretty amazing
places throughout the years, but every once in a while a place or
experience will hit you with a powerful force and will touch your heart
like no other. That is pretty much what happened to me when I visited
the town of Les Baux-De-Provence in the southern part of France, set
in the Alpilles mountains high atop a mountain ridge.

This would be my third trip traveling through Provence and each time
it truly amazes me that its magical power still seduces me with its

Les Baux is a small village that depends totally on the tourist during
the summer months, when it is jammed with people covering every inch
of this beautiful amazing town. We were lucky enough to have visited
this time in May and it was a total delight. Crowds were sparse and the
town was ours.


Les Baux is considered one of most picturesque village in France. The
village area is a stone and cobblestone medieval village that appears
to be in a time-warped state dating back to the 9th century.

The Chateau-Fortress is at the top of the village and is well worth seeing,
if for nothing else the spectacular view overlooking the Provence area.

On a recommendation from a lovely couple we met on a train traveling
through Provence eight months earlier we would be staying at the lovely
Mas De L’Oulivie just a short drive of 2 kilometers from the village of
Les Baux. Nestled at the foot of the Alpilles, the Mas is lovingly decorated
with a charm that will have you falling in love with this wonderful hotel
of 25 rooms and 2 suites. The hotel is surrounded by an olive grove,
a beautiful garden with 120 species of trees and a beautifully landscaped

Our room was a nice size with a large bath that would make our four days
here pure pleasure. Surrounded by all the Olive trees made this hotel
so unique in every way. When I think of a tranquil place in the country
side, this is absolutely what comes to mind. The beauty of the surrounding
area was for me a dream that I was actually living. It doesn’t get better
then this.

The hotel serves a great breakfast and lunch. They are closed for dinners
which enabled us to explore the surrounding little towns and their

I often think about my stay at Mas De L’Oulivie and would love to go back
there one day. This area is truly beautiful and the Mas for me was a
slice of heaven at the foot of the Alpilles amidst olive trees and cypresses in a garden perfumed with lavender and rosemary. Sitting by the pool
sipping on a glass of wine and just trying to take in all that was around
me, I would close my eyes, breathe in the fragrances of the flowers and
trees, and know that I Will Return to this heaven on earth some day soon.


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