A One Way Ticket to Paris, Please – Day 3

It would be a Sunday in Paris, so after a great breakfast at our lovely
hotel, we decided to go to mass at Saint-Sulpice Church within walking
distance from where we were staying. You might recognize the name
from the movie, The Da Vinci Code, movie and book. It is the second
largest church in Paris with a Grand Organ of 7000 pipes, that will captivate
your attention.

Now just a side note, I am not catholic but my friend who traveled with
me is a very devout Catholic and this was one thing at the top of her list,
to attend some masses in Paris. Well it turned out to be a real experience
for me, so we both benefited.

Saint-Sulpice has always had a lot of discussion as to its history, as implied
in many books, such as The Da Vinci Code. Whether you believe in the
unfounded rumors, it is a beautiful church in a lovely area in the St. Germaine area.

Dominating the plaza in front of Saint-Sulpice is a large Fountain of the
Four Bishops. The three-tiered octagonal fountain was built in 1848 by
Joachim Visconti, who was also responsible for fountains in the Place De La
Concorde. The area surrounding the church is lovely with many stores
including Versace and Sonia Rykiel.

Our Lady Chapel

A statue of the Virgin and Child by Jean-Baptiste Pigalle (1714-1785) is
located within the Lady Chapel.

The beautiful baroque Pulpit.

The great Organ of Saint-Sulpice dates back to 1781 with 7000 pipes
making it one of the largest and finest instruments of its kind. The Organ
has been associated with world-renowned musicians and organist
composers. After the service you are given at least a half hour of the
most beautiful music you can imagine. What a treat.

The lovely sounds of the Saint-Sulpice Choir. I truly enjoyed this service.
Even though I did not understand the language, it proved to be extremely
beautiful and inspiring and only proved language is not really a barrier.

After services at Saint-Sulpice, we took the metro to Champs-Élysées,
Getting off the metro at the Franklin D. Roosevelt stop, we strolled this busy
exciting street, trying to take in all the excitement that only this street will
give you. This particular Fall Sunday it was jammed with people, dashing
in and out the stores, sitting at the cafés, maybe munching on an ice cream
cone, as we were, it sort of reminded me of New York City on a lovely
day, perhaps on Fifth Avenue or even Times Square. I am not trying
to compare the streets at all, but Paris seemed to be extremely crowded,
and this was nearing the end of October.

Fouquet’s cafe and restaurant is a popular spot amongst French celebrities
serving an expensive shot of espresso.


Seriously, this was the entrance to the Abercrombie & Fitch on Avenue
des Champs-Élysées and there was a double line to get in. You go through
the opulent gates through a garden area to get into the store. Only in
Paris. That’s why I love it so much.

Stopping for a late lunch, I had to have a favorite of mine, a Croque-Monsieur. A grilled ham and cheese sandwich, that originated in French
Cafés and bars as a quick snack.

The Pont Alexandre lll is the most ornate extravagant bridge in Paris.
It connects the Champs Élysées quarter and the Invalides and Eiffel Tower
quarter. It was finished in 1900 for the Exposition Universelle or Worlds
Fair in Paris. You might remember it in the movie, Midnight in Paris,
at the end of the movie when Gil decides he is moving to Paris and meets
his new French girlfriend from the antique market, where I assume they
live happily ever after.



As beautiful and opulent as this bridge is, not all bridges in Paris are looking
this good. I was totally amazed and disappointed that so many of the
bridges in Paris have been taken over by Love Locks.

At first it seemed to me like a sweet idea. You attach a lock on the bridge
representing your love of one another and throw the key in the River.
I get it, but some of the bridges have had to put boards over the locks,
as they are endangering the safety of the bridges. I will write a separate
post on this in the future.

Back in the St. Germaine area, we slowly walked back towards our hotel
passing so many interesting sights. A children’s toy store.

This was an upscale exhibit of a cardboard sculpture. Not sure what it
represented, but I am sure the meaning of this is important. I think.

Loved this window.

A car with grass growing on it. Was I seeing things.

We found this restaurant by our hotel that we ate at often. This was just
one of the many great dishes they served. Thank you Jessica for the
great service.

It had been a long but fulfilling day in Paris. We went to a beautiful
church service, heard the most beautiful music, ate some good food,
walked some amazing streets, passing so many wonderful sights that
only Paris can feed you. Why is it I never tire of this city. I fall more in
love with it each time I visit and always know that it will never disappoint

More photos and tales of Paris to come. – Au revoir


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