A One Way Ticket To Paris, Please – Day 6

I was very excited to start our day today, as we would be going to the
Christian Dior Fashion Exhibit at the Palais Galliera located in the 16th
arrondissement . So after a quick cafe creme and a wonderful
croissant, that you can only get in France, we were off and running.

Taking the Metro, M10, to LaMotte Picquet-Grenelle, then changing to the
M6 line, 4 stops, we arrived at the Trocadero, where there is a lovely view
of the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately, when we arrived they were doing
work on the lovely square that you see in so many pictures leading to
the Eiffel Tower. With half of the square surrounded by large boards,
sealing off a lot of the area, the view was not as I hoped.

Because we wanted to see the Trocadero, it was a long walk to the
museum. But this is the 16th arrondissement and it is a lovely area, so
we really didn’t mind. Passing neighborhoods, we were able to see
an area of Paris that was quite different then where we were staying.
There are beautiful buildings, boutiques, and many museums, including
The Museum of Modern Art, which I visited last time I was in Paris, and
thoroughly enjoyed it. The walk was pleasant and the sun was shining
so before we knew it, we had arrived at the museum.

The Palais Galliera is located in a beautiful building set amongst a lovely
park area, with a small garden of beautiful flowers, bordered by benches
to sit and admire the setting.
The museum is only open for exhibits and has no permanent collections, so
we certainly were lucky to happen to be in Paris to see the Dior exhibit in
this lovely building.


The exhibit started with everyday dresses from the 40s

Everyday dresses from the 50s. Didn’t i see Lucy wearing this in the
I Love Lucy episodes?

A great evening dress by Dior. Ok, now I have been told twice, no pictures.
There were no signs anywhere that I could see. There were so many
lovely dresses, suits and gowns. If I knew I wouldn’t have been thrown
in the Bastille, I would have taken more. Darn.

I know, I know, I am bad. Just one more quick one. Right after I took this
I was again told by someone else, “no-no madam”. I am sorry, I just
couldn’t resist. Just to say in my defense, others were also sneaking pictures whenever they could. I had to grin watching others get scolded.
I guess it’s comforting to know I would not be alone in the Bastille.
But seriously, this exhibit was fantastic. It was certainly worth the hour and
a half we had to stand in line to get our tickets and enter the exhibit.

Because most of our day was spent at the Dior exhibit, we decided to
take the metro back to the area around our hotel for an early dinner and
an evening boat ride on the Seine.
This was a chicken and vegetable Calzone with a small salad. It was
absolutely delicious. I had never had anything like this and was pleasantly
surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

I usually take the boat Vedettes Pont Neuf which sails from Ile de la Cite.
These boats are a little smaller and more intimate, which adds to the
ambience of the ride. I love Paris at night. The lights are brightly shining
on all the monuments, buildings and cafés. You always will notice so
much more in Paris at night due to the abundance of lighting all around





The one hour cruise was over before we knew it. Because it was a
mild evening, we were lucky to get a seat on top of the open-aired boat,
making the cruise all the more nicer.

Right alongside the boat entrance sits this magical tiny park, Square du
Vert-Galant, located on the western tip of Ile de la Cite, just below the
imposing statue of King Henri. It’s a sweet setting where you can sit day
or night and just enjoy the River traffic and the lighted buildings in the



What a beautiful way to end our day in Paris. The boat ride along the
Seine and now sitting in this wonderful park digesting the beauty of
this perfect night and watching the magic of Paris around us, especially when the lights are on. Hemingway was right, “Paris is a Moveable Feast”.

More photos and tales of Paris to come – Au revoir


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