A One Way Ticket To Paris, Please – Day 10

Only two more days left in Paris. Yesterday we roamed the streets of Paris
and decided that we would do the same today, only after we attended
morning mass at Notre Dame.

Attending a mass at Notre Dame was quite a treat, especially listening to a
mass with Gregorian Chant. Not being a Catholic and not really totally
understanding what was going on around me, I figured, I was in church, in
Paris, at Notre Dame, understand it or not, it was beautiful and an experience I will always remember.



After church we were famished so we decided time was running out and
we needed to try a crepe. We frequented this little establishment more
then once on this trip, so we figured the crepes had to be as good as the
ice cream.

I had a jambon and fromage (ham and cheese) crepe and I was not
disappointed. It doesn’t take a Frenchman to make a good crepe.

The metro entrance for the Palais Royal, one of its kind.



Every Sunday certain streets in Paris are blocked off to cars, so the
rollerbladers can have the streets to themselves.


A little wall art. One with a lamp post surrounded by these beautiful
leaves, and then there was the wall with the French graffiti.






I never can get enough of seeing the Eiffel Tower. We took another
boat ride on the Seine. Paris is so beautiful at night and we wanted to
see as much as we could these last two nights.


Tomorrow would be our last day in Paris. We were planning on spending
the day at the Louvre. So after a nice glass of wine and pastry, we were
headed back to our hotel for a good nights sleep, we would need all the
energy we could muster up, after all we were going to a Palace where
there is the never ending art and the Mona Lisa.

More tales and photos to come – Au revoir.


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