The Magic of Mykonos

I remember every detail of that early morning arrival as our ship
was finally approaching the glorious island of Mykonos. There
were some murmurings of having to bypass it due to the winds,
but thankfully in the end, all went well, and we were able to leave
the ship. With my feet planted on solid ground, I was excited
and delirious with happiness, as one of my dreams was always to
go to the Greek Isles. I only had eight hours to see the island and
I needed to make the most of it.


I was in love immediately. This lively island set in the middle of the
southern Aegean with its bluest of blue water and sky surrounded
by white buildings with the accent of blue doors, shutters, and
beautiful flower pots set outside of these dreamy white structures,
was everything I thought it would be.

Please excuse some of my pictures with the blue shading, my
point and shoot camera was on the wrong setting. Yikes.


The Windmills of Mykonos. I was there in October and it was
extremely windy, especially on this part of the island. In the videos
that I took, you can hear the howling wind, but oh so beautiful.

Little Venice is simply lovely. The view from here is breathtaking,
with the sea splashing up against the shore, the windmills in the distance,
and the colors of Mykonos, it will truly mesmerize you.


I just loved seeing the small houses with the blue shutters dotted
along the narrow streets.




As you walk the streets you will pass many small churches along the
way. Most are very tiny but have a tranquil beauty about them.



Traveling on a budget is no problem on the Greek Islands, you can
always find a small cafe selling very reasonably priced food. A drink
and Gyro is very affordable and satisfying.

Our last remaining hours on the island was spent going in and out
of the small shops and doing a little shopping. I also went in a few
small hotels for future reference knowing my next visit will be for
a more extended period of time. I would have loved to have
seen some of the famous beaches but there was just not enough
time. For me, cruising is a way to spend a short amount of time
somewhere and then decide, do I need to return again, stay awhile
and just enjoy. Mykonos is definitely one of those places where you
want to return to relax, enjoy the beaches, sit on a terrace with a
drink in hand watching a magnificent sunset. Of course we all
know its a party town, so there is something for everyone.

Throughout the Cyclades Islands, homes and churches are painted
white as a symbol of purity. The color also reflects sunlight and
tempers the scorching heat.

The day is over and now I must return to the ship. I have had a
spectacular day losing myself in the charms of this island. It was
all that I had hoped and probably even more, and as sorry as I was
to leave I was even more excited because my next stop was the
Island of Santorini.